I got published in Powder?

It started as a text message from my brother Steve while I sat in class:

“Nice picture of you in Powder this month.”

I figured there must have been a small article with a photo against the showing of butt crack at the top of the lift, a sight I am notorious for providing when I buckle my boots (that has since been fixed thanks to Cross Clothing). My crack drives everyone I ski with a little crazy, in particular my family, so I figured Steve was teasing me, just like when he said there was a nice picture of me when there was a kid with a dried snot mustache some years ago.

I didn’t think much of it until I called my other brother Zack this past weekend, who, luckily for me, was celebrating his birthday a day late. He told me that he too had seen me in Powder, dressed as Saucer Boy at the Denver premier of “In Deep,” this year’s Powder Magazine Video Award’s Movie of the Year. I was still a little skeptical until I did a search for pictures on the Matchstick Website and found their photo montage of Saucer Boys from around the tour (I didn’t know I was at the Whistler Premier until I found it).

Well, it got my hopes up. Perhaps the photo of me “claiming” with my mouth agape and arms raised to the air earned a full page spread in the Shooting Gallery or something spectacular like that. No, that wasn’t quite the case, but hey, I’m still pretty stoked about getting my face on page 63, especially because it was in honor of Shane McConkey and thanking all of the Saucer Boys for coming out.

Can’t find me? Look to the right…

You can see the original blog post here about the movie premier.

Large version of me as Saucer Boy, as published:


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