Pearl Lake Powder

I made it on my first hut trip this past weekend at Pearl Lake State Park, about a half hour north of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, with the DU Alpine Club. The crew was awesome and the snow was deep. There is not much more to say that that, so enjoy the pictures! Those who don’t know, didn’t go.

Early morning on the lake
Jenny looking good next to an awfully good looking pair of skis
Tyler, hating snowshoes
Colin, sending one to next week
EXTREME FOURTEEN! On my way to a tomahawk. Photo: Donny
Donny front-flipping a pretty small cliff
Donny likes to drop the knee and play rowdy games of Thumper
Jenny, hoping for an especially good time-lapse segment later that night when she would change the music on Robbie’s computer
Vinny, finding the deep
Tyler, after a night of not being able to sleep thanks to the rowdy games of Thumper
Colin, showing off his pole basket
The other Tyler, enjoying his snowshoe around the lake. Photo: Grace

For more photos, as well as large versions of all these, click here.

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