The Traveling is Starting to Dwindle…

So I made the realization yesterday that I have only left the State of Colorado once since I was in Washington, DC, so the fact that my blog is “Jon Jay’s Travels” really isn’t making much sense these days. In fact, this past weekend, I barely made it out to my backyard to do some skiing, and a few days later I made it to South High School (about half a mile from my house) for some urban skiing with my buddy Jon. Of course, of these two “trips,” I got pictures of the lesser of the two cool things, and that was the keg shell jib in my back yard.

Tail press the Keg! Photo: Jenny Nelson with Darcy’s Camera

Also, my camera has almost entirely fallen apart, and is pretty much unusable. So, until I get a new camera, my posts will likely be Catching Up with what has already happened this past fall, and small shots with my delightfully tacky helmet cam, which has made one appearance on this blog so far, and the only feedback I got was “What helmet cam do you have? I want to make sure I don’t get that one.” (It’s an Oregon Scientific Action Cam, fyi).

But, in case you were wondering what the rail looked like at South High, check out this video of Tom Wallisch from last year. The rail he hits at 1:10 is the rail we sessioned for an hour on Halloween. I slid the whole thing twice, but never got it super-clean, and I definitely did not 270 out like T-Wall. I did get my first real taste of urban rail skiing, and I have to admit it was super, super fun and I will be back out there when it snows again in Denver.


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