D in DC

I hit up more of the tourist sights and places this past weekend, and I had my favorite company: Darcy! She flew out for a five day vacation to see the Nation’s Capitol. I was super excited to show her around my temporary home of six weeks.

We met up Friday afternoon and headed straight to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. The first stop was the Hope Diamond.

The Hope Diamond

We also got to check out the dinosaurs, the ice age (giant sloths are awesome!), and the Ice Man, which Darcy was especially stoked about.

Darcy and the Iceman

We spent most of Saturday at the Zoo, and while most of the animals snoozed away in the midday heat, but a few made for some great pictures, except this lazy panda.

Young Elephant
This tiger was in a fight with the ball before the ball went for a swim, it was the first time either of us had seen a tiger so active in a zoo

After the National Zoo, we went to the National Archives and also saw the major memorials on the National Mall. Sunday we went to the Eastern Market, the Botanic Gardens, and the National Holocaust Museum. The Holocaust Museum was extremely powerful and something that everyone needs to see and reflect upon. I highly recommend it.

Monday, I booked a tour for the Diplomatic Reception Rooms as a surprise for Darcy, but she found out the night before so it wasn’t too much of a surprise. It’s also really cool and recommend it to anyone who wants to see super cool antiques that don’t get much attention.

The Adams Room
The best-looking Supreme Court Justice, John Jay
The Jefferson Room

And, with the largest rug I have ever seen, the Franklin Room (the Photo at the End, “Under the Gaze Of Newton” is a copy of the original, which hangs in the White House, which was a highlight of my tour there)

The Franklin Room

To round out the day, Darcy and I went on a tour of the Capitol Building, and then on Tuesday she discovered the American Meridian before flying back. I’m super stoked she came out and I hope she had a great time too!

Darcy and the American Meridian

Tuesday evening I went back to Georgetown where I scored this great shot of a sunset on the Potomac, and also got to see the epic staircase from the original Exorcist movie.

Staircase from The Exorcist

I might get out another post from DC about my internship with some pretty fun photos, but I need to make sure it’s OK to post those photos first. Then, late on Saturday night, I’ll be back in the wild West of Colorado, mountain biking, climbing, and cranking out 14ers again. I’m stoked to head back but I’m going to miss some of the awesome people and the good times I had during the past couple of months. Everyone in DC needs to come out to the CO!


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