There is a tram that starts very close to KIMEP University, and takes you to the top for around 2000 Tenge, which is close to $14. My roommate and I opted instead to go for a little bit of a hike up the hill, which allowed us to save money and take some great photos.


The New Neighborhood

I made it to KZ. I’ve been here for 4 ½ days, and have had a multitude of bizarre experiences already, not the least of which is house hunting with 2 beautiful Latvian girls that I met three hours prior to viewing a deluxe apartment on the top story of an apartment building that overlooks City Hall/Republic Square and mountains to the south; then moving in the next day after spending 3 hours negotiating with a Realtor, a University Housing Representative, and 2 friends of the landlady (who actually lives in Astana), in what naturally felt like a drug deal, complete with $1,500 USD/Tenge mix on the living room coffee table at one point. Welcome to mutha(expletive) Kazakhstan!