Finally, the Rijksmuseum

In the main entrance I was so excited to be there both days, and to be back in Amsterdam, which might just be my favorite city in the world, that I purposely left my camera in my pocket simply to take it all in. Besides, it is nearly impossible to capture all that is the famous Waterloo painting, and better to take in the Milkmaid with your own eyes than in a digital rendition.


How do you conjugate “I Amsterdam?”

This time around, I recognized Amsterdam's individual charm and character, and I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Europe. Regardless of your views on soft-drug use, legalized prostitution, getting run-over by bicycles, or whatever else you may have preconceptions of Amsterdam being notorious for, I honestly believe anyone and everyone would enjoy this city. Go there!

European Adventure Part 1: Göteburg, Københaven and Amsterdam

Hello everyone! I'm terribly sorry I have not made a new post for a while, but I'm afraid not much has been going on in Sweden besides the usual college life of studying and socializing. I did just get back from a nine day dream trip through Europe though! I went to six different countries, … Continue reading European Adventure Part 1: Göteburg, Københaven and Amsterdam