European Travels

August -September 2011: European Vacation

After finishing University, my parents were kind enough to reward me with a plane ticket for a month long European stay, visiting my brother in Prague and seeing friends in The Netherlands and Germany. My Dad tagged along for the first half of the trip too, making sure he could test my hypothesis that Belgian beer is, in fact, the best beer in the world.

August – December 2008: My Study Abroad Experience in Sweden

Looking at my archives you might see that I spent the months of August through December in 2008 living in Karlstad, Sweden, and doing a lot of traveling around Europe. It was the greatest adventure of my life and I highly recommend checking out some of the posts. A good place to start would either be at the very beginning, in ICELAND, or to start in the town I lived in, Karlstad. My personal favorite part was my Norway Trip, but I think you might enjoy all of the posts.

To get a geographical idea of where I was and where I traveled, check out My European Travel Map Page.

I also had a large multitude of friends who studied abroad during the same time, so you might check out Blogs of People I Know


One thought on “European Travels

  1. Jon –

    I stumbled across your blog on a google search for Karlstad, where I’m hoping to be studying this coming fall. It would be dope to get into contact with you, I have a lot of questions! I hope to hear from you, thanks.


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