Friends of Jon Jay’s Travels

Friends and Supporters of Jon Jay’s Travels:

Cross Clothing
is a Swedish technical outerwear brand, specializing in high-tech, super good-looking outerwear for skiing and golfing.

SickStickz Ski Poles
prides itself on producing high quality ski poles, as well as its relationship with the freeskiing community around the world. The intricate level of graphic design put forth towards each ski pole reinforces the company’s commitment to art and creativity, as well as the freeskiing community. Pole Plant with Style!

The mission of Phar North is to give back to sport, and to get more and more people into biking, skiing and boarding. The riding that we focus on is what we love. We always try to use organic and sustainable materials, and we always clearly mark what our gear is made of and exactly where it was made. We are independent and eclectic in thought, but traditional in process.

HOT POSSIE is a collection of drunk skiers who like to do the sickest tricks ever in the rail parks of the front range, and occasionally do real skiing on real mountains with real snow.

EarlyUps is the place to go for your skiing fix. We aggregate the best freeskiing video and photo content on the web, in addition to producing our own unique stuff. What it means for you is no more searching for the goods, just check out earlyups. If there is any new high-quality ski content out there, you’ll find it here.

All Mountain Access is just that. A place to go for trip reports, photos, videos, and more, regarding all mountains, all the time.

Shred Stache…a collective for you.

Trashpile Productions
is the brainchild of Owen McKee and friends, and continues to put out high-quality edits and competition results in the freeskiing world.

The Alpine Club at the University of Denver
was not the reason I came to DU, but it is the reason I am happy to be a student here and encourage you to at least visit the school. I went on more adventures with them than I care to admit, and I can proudly say that the club, and therefore the school, paid for my addiction to outdoor activities.


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