Blogs Worth Checking out

A blogroll.

Steve Skiing
Go Skiing!!!
follows the adventures of Steve, based out of California, quickly expanding across the globe.

“All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone”
is the personal blog of John Hoban as he spends two years in Indonesia as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

“in search of the dream” is the random and sporadic thoughts & travels of my buddy Jon, a killer skier and writer.

Andy Librande continues to be based out of Denver, but slays the outdoors of the Rocky Mountains without mercy.

Tyler’s Life is an accurate description of my buddy’s exploits based out of San Francisco.

Backcountry Skiing in Colorado is the personal adventure blog of my good buddy Collin Tilbe.

Jenny Nelson’s Weblog is my good friend’s travels and recipes, more often than not of the South American variety.

AB Amble is an artist and skier in Norway.

Kelan in Guate is my former roommate’s blog as he spends a year in Guatemala.


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