June + July

I apologize for not getting this footage together sooner. Chris and I skied Independence Pass and Grizzly Peak almost two months ago, and Colin and I skied Missouri Mountain on July 5th. Since that time, I’ve been cranking out job applications, working, and moving, so I didn’t have time to put anything together. Plus I wanted shots of fire and cliff diving, but neither of those materialized over the past month.

I misplaced my camera for the months of June and July, so that explains why I have hardly posted anything for two months. All I had for these featured missions was my GoPro, and even that proved unreliable when it died dropping in on Grizzly Peak. But I still put this together, so hopefully it makes the next 7 minutes of your day more enjoyable.

Also, I found my camera last week while moving, and I’m going to Europe for a month starting on August 15th, so I’ll do my best to keep posts coming while I’m there and when I get back. Right now the trip will be to Prague, various places in Holland and Belgium, Frankfurt, Berlin, and Munich. I’ll completely update my website before leaving, which should hopefully streamline the process of posts while I’m abroad. Stay tuned!


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