Photos from the Crestones

Posted on April 19, 2011


I actually hate blogging about failed mountaineering missions, but the photos Tyler and I captured are too good not to share. So, here are my favorites. Those marked with Tyler’s website were taken by Tyler, the rest were me.

(If you want to know the story, click here for Tyler’s account of the trip)

The mighty Crestone Needle

We were able to snowclimb about 1,000 vertical of Humboldt before hiking the rest in ski boots

The sun set over Kit Carson and we skied by moonlight down Humboldt.

The next day, we ascended Broken Hand Pass to get to Crestone Peak. I lost my helmet, Tyler dropped a water bottle. Not a great start.

We started up the peak with the Needle looking on, but we didn't get too far before turning around due to fatigue.

After re-ascending Broken Hand Pass, we found this little gem for some great skiing.

Yours truly, laying down on some of the only good snow on the trip.

Looking back at Broken Hand Pass from South Colony Lake

This picture says it all.