Operation Moose Drool

I woke up five minutes before my alarm, unable to remember the night before.  The sun’s first rays were coming in the window, with anticipation for a warm May day in Colorado.  I knew I had to get to the airport, there was no time to spare.

Moose the dog on trail

Airport check-in flew by, and I breezed my way onto the plane unnoticed by all. Five minutes before take-off, I received my first set of instructions: Find vehicle upon arrival. Keys in the gas tank.

Steve getting up a crag in Bear Canyon

Sleep eluded me on the plane. The mountains of Montana captivated me instead, with backcountry ski missions stretching out below in the early morning light. There would be no time for those on this trip.

Zack working on the same route

Upon arrival, I found the vehicle without issue. The next set of instructions came: Go into town, turn left on 11th, look for arena. Subject inside

Steve topping out on Batman, still in Bear Canyon

After parking inconspicuously at the stadium, the phone vibrated once again: Section 111, row 6. I made my way inside, meeting an accomplice soon after. We prepared to make our move.

The Jays of Bozeman

Upon locating subject, I then sat through the Montana State commencement, extremely hungover, which would continue on for the rest of the trip, alternating with making preparations to be hungover every night. Mission Accomplished!

Congrats Steve for becoming a Master, and thanks to Zack, Sara, Steve, Sarah, Howard, Mary, and La Parilla for treating me to an awesome weekend in Bozeman


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