Shit for Brains Couloir

We’re in full-on couloir season here in Colorado. Chris, Andrew, Tyler, and Joe all decided to brave terrible weather and semi-frozen snow on the Shit for Brains couloir last Saturday.

Looking good!

Shit for Brains is a couloir that cuts down the face of Black Mountain, and stares you in the face every time you ski at A Basin. After skiing 62 laps of Pali’s chair the Wednesday before (and getting 5th in the Enduro!), I knew it had to be done.

While conditions were less than favorable, we still tried to make it work.

Chris and Tyler entering the couli
Chris and Andrew with a favorable rock backdrop
Yours truly, happy to be using an ax again. Photo: Tyler
Andrew coming out of the crux

We were eventually all soaked to the bone with both sweat and the wet heavy snow falling, so we decided to drop in. As luck would have it, the storm cleared when we got skis on, and we could see we were about 100 feet from the top of the couloir.

Chris and Joe figuring out how to take off crampons
And then we could see what we were doing!
Chris dropping in
Joe coming down
Tyler making a turn
Andrew, rounding out the crew

About 3 hours after starting out from the Beach, we found our way back to the cars thoroughly exhausted. Luckily my roommate Anna was conveniently celebrating her birthday with an Avery IPA Keg, which was definitely pretty tasty and a great way to rap up a long slog.


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