April Goodness, 2010

In 2009, the first weekend of April was epic up at Berthoud Pass. Strangely enough, it was this year too.

Rather than get up at 4am for a 14er charge in what was predicted to be 60 MPH winds and -14 wind chill, we opted for a 9am departure from Denver for backcountry pow skiing. Collin from All Mountain Access, along with Chris, Andrew, and Tyler joined in for some charging.

Collin leading the boys up the skin track
Tyler has some snow blocking the view of his landing
Andrew taking a little air compared to what he has been sending lately

For some reason, the two days I have skied with Collin in the backcountry have led to a lot of white room experiences, as he demonstrates here:

Collin in the white room…
Collin still in the white room…

On the third an final lap, shit almost hit the fan when our skin track cracked and almost turned into a ~300 foot wide avalanche crown all the way to the ground. Luckily it just cracked while everyone in the group was in a safe spot, but we still high-tailed it out of there on a different aspect and gave extra thanks and praise to Jah for being alive afterwards. Read Collin’s post about the day, including the crack and woomph, here.

I still got a decent shot of Tyler laying down a slasher at the end though…

Tyler’s head just poking through…

The following day I made use of my brother Steve’s lack of pass use for an extra Aspen day for Highland’s closing. It was boot deep, if not deeper in the trees, so it made for a great day 69. I also got a view of the ultimate goal of this season.

Maroon Bells

Now, if the weather will cooperate, I might make it up a 14er or two to prep for the climb and ski that awaits.


One thought on “April Goodness, 2010

  1. It’s the S7s baby! They build little white houses full of little white rooms wherever they go!

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