The Rest of December

View from the top of Aspen Mountain

So, like I mentioned, I got a sweet new camera for Christmas/my birthday, and I also have done plenty of skiing with it since then, far beyond the Silverton Trip. My first day out with it though, I ended up skiing with some of the best skiers in Aspen who only take pictures they will get paid for, so I was only able to grab that first shot above.

After Silverton, my brother Zack stayed for a few extra days in the Roaring Fork Valley, where we got to ski at Williams Peak and Marble. Williams Peak was completely skied out, so the Elk Mountains looked much better than the skiing.

The Northern Elk Range from Williams Peak

Marble’s skiing, on the other hand, was much deeper and better, despite the icy, steep skin track.

Zack enjoying my S7s

A few days later, with Steve fresh from his hut trip, we made it up to Aspen Highlands where the deep powder was on top of very little snow.

Steve digging deep

Otherwise, the snow remains shallow out here in the Front Range areas. I’ve spent the past few weeks between Breckenridge, Loveland Ski area, and Rocky Mountain National Park on windbuffed snow and crud, but I’m headed down to Crested Butte for a 3 day excursion with the Alpine Club this weekend, which should be a blast considering the crew that has signed up if nothing else. Pray for snow!


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