Ski (Movie) Season

Hello everyone!  Holy smokes I have not written anything for a while on this blog, but I’ve been super busy between work, the DU Alpine Club, and this little thing called school that started two weeks ago.

A whole lot has happened in that time, including new skis, a POV Camera, and two ski movie premiers that have gotten me pretty amped this past few weeks.  The first, Level 1’s “Refresh,” was absolutely amazing, especially Wallisch’s opener and a few new angles on Haines, Alaska.  Unfortunately, Level 1 had the great idea to have Warren Miller do some narration, and the devil that is Warren Miller Entertainment (which is so far from the company that Warren built) is filing a lawsuit over the rights to use Warren’s voice.  More info on that here.

The other ski movie that premiered was Matchstick Production’s IN DEEP, which I attended with the DU Alpine Club as well as a bunch of the guys I work with. MSP always puts on the most amazing show, so much so that I went out of my way last year to see Claim in Lillehammer, Norway, where I ended up meeting Andreas Amble and PK Hunder for what was definitely an amazing night.

The highlight of the Denver premier of In Deep this year, however, was the Saucer Boy Costume contest, which yours truly participated in, and ended up winning. I can’t seem to find anyone with a picture of me on the internet, but here is a picture of the crowd at the premier, with me in costume right in the middle of the photo (I’m in the Pink Jacket holding up the Blue Saucer). See the MSP Blog post about the Denver show here.

If you can find a picture of me in costume, please let me know. I have a post about it if I can ever find the picture.

The film IN DEEP was good, but a little too much emphasis was placed on the video collages and I had no idea who was skiing when. But the Shane tribute at the end was extremely powerful, so much so that even Darcy was crying as we left, giving me comfort about the fact that my eyes were pretty watery as well.

There are still plenty of Ski Movie Premiers coming up, including TGR, Rage Films, and Powderwhore, all of which I’m really excited about.

Other than that, I’ll be up on some mountains tomorrow with the DU Alpine Club and climbing with them on Sunday, and I also have some extremely terrible POV film that I need to put up here. Fall is exciting! The anticipation makes things fun!


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