My First Week of DC

Hi everyone! I am sorry I failed at keeping everyone up-to-date on my current location, I’m afraid I have been too busy working to go and take some pictures to share. So far, my internship has been pretty fun, I’ve been able to sit in on some legislative hearings and learn a lot about what is going on in the world. I’ve also had to answer phones and upload mail and other office tasks, which are less fun, but I’d say overall this has been a great experience. My hours take up most of the day, and with a good half-hour commute thrown in both ways, I haven’t been getting outside of my job or my room at George Washington University too much until the last few days. Yesterday, however, I went climbing at an indoor gym in Maryland, and afterwards I took the metro to Union Station and decided to walk home from there. The light was magnificent for some great photos.

Statue at Union Station

From Union Station, I walked to the Capitol Building as I do every morning. Instead of the office, though, I walked to where I usually eat lunch. There is a great view of the dome from here.

Capitol Building and Fountain

I then walked around the Capitol Building to the National Mall for a nice sunset stroll. A picture of the National Mall is at the top of this post.

Capitol Building again

While I meandered the path of the National Mall towards the Washington Monument, I realized that during my last few visits over the years, there is very little I have not seen in this city in terms of tourist attractions. One thing that stood out was the White House, and the other was the Smithsonian Castle. I don’t know what is in the Smithsonian Castle, but I think I’m going to find out next weekend.

Smithsonian Castle

When I arrived at the Washington Monument, I heard a jazz band really jamming, and of course I was intrigued to check it out. It turns out the Duke Ellington Jazz Festival is going on, and I got to hear some awesome New Orleans Jazz while resting in the shadow of the Washington Monument. That was a great way to end the walk!

Washington Monument
Duke Ellington Jazz Festival Stage
Clouds and Flags

So, after the Jazz Festival ended for the day I strolled over to the White House and then walked home to call it a night. It has been a great first week here in DC, and it will get even better this Tuesday when I get to miss some work to go on a very special tour I’ll tell you about later.

If you’re in the DC area before July 18th, let me know! I’d love to meet up with you.


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