Since I’ve Been Gone

So you’ve probably noticed by now that my webpage is slightly different, at least in terms of color scheme. Anyhow, I thought I’d update it a little and share a little of the stuff I’ve been up to since I returned to the USA. It mostly involves skiing.

Anyhow, after arriving home from Denver on December 21st and taking a day to recover and unpack, I turned 21, which is sort of a big deal. We went skiing up at Aspen Mountain for my B day and had a fantastic powder day. Then on Christmas Eve I toured up Williams Peak, about a 15 minute drive from my parents house, where my brother and I built a nice little booter to throw down on. The result of a corked 720 attempt (that turned into more of a rodeo) was this cool picture.

I didn’t land it, but the picture is cool nonetheless.

We also threw a few backflips and I missed the jump on my second cork 7 attempt. Witness it all in a video Steve spliced together.

I also snagged this little shot of Steve dropping a small cornice, but my lens frosted over giving it a white-out appearance.

On Christmas Day, after opening gifts, my family departed for warmer lands to spend a few days in Las Vegas and celebrate my 21st properly. We gambled, we drank, we clubbed, and, most importantly, we didn’t win anything. It was a great time though, and I need to thank my parents for making it all happen, especially the Blue Man Group show, which was really rad and I highly recommend it. I also forgot my camera, but Steve snagged a few cool shots, like this one of the Venetian Tower, where we stayed.

The Venetian Tower

After Vegas, we returned to CO to get a few day in at Aspen before I came back to Denver. Here is a shot of Pyramid Peak and Maroon Bells, some of the most beautiful 14ers in the state.

Pyramid Peak and Maroon Bells

Since then, I’ve been back in Denver for almost all of January, studying hard and skiing harder. I’ve gotten 21 days so far (including my 5 days in Europe), and the fun doesn’t stop seeing how I’ve got trips planned for Jackson, Montana, and Silverton all this month. So hopefully I’ll be getting some posts up for those trips, and I’ll leave you with some of the photo’s I’ve taken this season so far. I’m about to re-do most of the links and whatnot right now as well, so be sure to look around!

Unknown skier at perfect jet marks at Breckenridge
Darcy’s little bro Matt ripping it up at Sol Vista
Snowy trees at Aspen Highlands

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