Big, Militarized Almaty Lake

The date was September 2nd. This was an important date for me because my visa, as well as the visas of my hiking companions (all three were foreign students) expired on September 1st. In addition, none of us actually had our passports because our new visas, and therefore our passports, were in processing with the immigration police. This information was telepathically realized between the four of us after seeing the gun, and after a few quiet conversations about it, we all started to feel pretty uncomfortable in the given situation.

Пик Кумбель (Kumbel Peak) – Summertime

To see and hear such amazing energy generated from hiking and seeing mountains, from people who hardly knew such things before that exact moment, was a simple reminder about why I am here and who I am. While I love traveling and I am really starting to enjoy teaching, I realized four years ago while hitchhiking across Norway that when I am in the mountains, I am completely at home.

Return to Capitol

Two years ago, after skiing off the summit of Quandary Peak, I began my "Summer of 14er Fever," with the crux being an ascent of Capitol Peak with my brother Steve. A couple of weeks ago, Chris expressed desire to doing Capitol, and I thought it would be a perfect warm-up for my summer of … Continue reading Return to Capitol

(Barely) Back to 14,000 Feet

Chris, Joe and I ventured down to Gunnison and Lake City this past weekend to check out my brother's new house and go on some adventures. The adventures we were looking for can most accurately be described by the footwear each of us brought: ski boots, hiking shoes, climbing shoes, and flip flops. We got … Continue reading (Barely) Back to 14,000 Feet